Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tunic Top from last post

Sorry it's taken me so long to get a pic posted of me wearing this top.   It's been a little crazy on my end lately but here it is.  Also please overlook the headless make-up understand, LOL.

 Until next time...

Edit: Huh!! What is that finger pointing thing I was doing?...LOL!

Happy Sewing Everyone!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back on the wagon...

(Vogue - 8668)  Front
I got a chance to sew a while today...Ya!  I'm almost done with the top I've been working on.  I just made a couple adjustments.  The sleeves are a little shorter than planned but it still looks good.  I don't know what happen but they came out really uneven (front piece to back piece).  So, I just evened them up making them shorter.   Since the fabric is chiffon I wanted to line it without changing the nice drape the fabric has so I lined it with black chiffon which worked out really great.
Inside, lined with enclosed seams


Chiffon isn't the easiest fabric to work with but I think it all worked out.  All I have left to do is hem the bottom and the sleeves and add the buttons.

Next I need to get back to getting some pants done amongst other things.  I have a jean style jacket already cut out in a stretch cotton zebra print.   Do you see a theme here, LOL!  Yes, I like animal print and haven't used any in awhile but have come across these that I really like so I'm going for it.   More later...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keeping my fingers crossed....

OK, as you know from the last post I've been unable to sew because of a roof repair issue going on at my house. It's a long story spanning almost the whole month of Sept. and a few days of Oct. firing one handy man and hiring another....see long story just read between the lines.  At last I think it's done, however I won't know for sure until it rains again, but I feel better about the second set of repairmen.  We'll see, in fact it's due to rain this week and I truly hope it is in fact DONE.  

In the mean time I'm getting into my sewing room this week and hopefully next weekend and get some stuff done.  Here is what I was working on before the roof repair fiasco. I'm making View-A which is the yellow version.  I really love this animal print I've had in my stash.  It's a chiffon so I'm going to line it with a black chiffon just to add a little weight and strength.  So I hope to get it done by this weekend.
Vogue 8668
More to come...


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not much on the sewing front...

I'm still dealing with repairs around my house.  The access to my attic is through my sewing room closet so everything in my sewing room is covered up and pushed to the side until everything is done.What a drag, I thought about pulling my sewing machine out and using it on the dining room table but naah...that  won't work for me.   This top is what I'm working on from the stuff I cut out back in July.  I'd love to get this finished to wear before it turns cold.

So, in the mean time I made a couple more cards for friends that live in other states.  This is almost as much fun as sewing, I have a lot to learn  but I'm enjoying it and hope to improve with each card.

BTW - my son loved the card I sent him for his birthday.   He was so excited that I made it.  It's nice to have someone understand and appreciate when you put your time & care into making something for them.  Since he is an artist he loves it that I'm into crafts.

 So, until I'm back in the sewing room that all for now.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA...

I know I've been missing in action lately.  Yes, I've had a couple distractions with my new hobby (card making), I'm still learning and it's tons of fun.   I did a little sewing this past week however not much.  I've been dealing with some minor home damage due to hurricane Irene...thanks a lot Irene.  My roof is in process of repair but fortunately there wasn't really major damage.  I'm hoping to get back to my top and other...many other sewing projects I need to finish and start.  So, I hope everyone is safe.

Also on the day of remembrance for 9/11/01, I continually pray for those who have lost loved ones in that awful tragedy, as well as so many whose lives have not been the same since.   God is with us, so be strong.  God Bless America...the greatest county in the world! 

Happy Sewing!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Happy Distraction...

I haven't sewn it a few weeks, I have some things to finish but my sewing mojo is in slow gear.   I've been distracted lately by something I've been wanting to do for awhile but held off because I knew it would divert my attention.  I'm finally getting into card making and scrapping & it's so exciting.   So, today instead of sewing I made my first card.  My son's birthday is coming up next Friday and I wanted to get this card made so I could get it to him in time.  He lives in LA and he an artist & musician (as hobbies right now), so that's how I came up with the theme.  It's pretty elementary but I'm just beginning so here it is...

Front of Card

Inside of Card

This is just a little tag on back bottom

It's just my first one but I'm excited about  continuing this new hobby. I hope he likes it.  It was the perfect activity for a day like today, other than sewing that is.  Thanks to my scrapping and card making blogger friends KMQ, Sheila & Ki for sharing their beautiful craft creations and also tempting me to get on board.

On the storm front...I hope everyone in the path of hurricane Irene stays safe.  In my area it's just been rainy so far with more severe weather forecast for the evening and over night.  STAY SAFE!! 

Happy Sewing & Crafting everyone!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I've Got A Winner!!!

Sorry about being a bit late, I got in later than usual this evening, but I've got a winner.  I opted for a good old fashion pull the name from the proverbial hat... I used this container that I usually keep my pattern weights in. 

I wrote the names on little strips of paper & folded them, gave them a little shake, shake, shake, closed my eyes and.....
I pulled the name...
Congratulations Renee, send me an email (on my profile page) with your information and the books will be in the mail headed your way.

Thanks everyone for following my blog, I enjoy sharing my adventures and misadventures.  The world is a better place because of you!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

100th Follower Giveaway...

How exciting...I just reached my 100th follower and to celebrate,  this calls for a giveaway!!
I appreciate those of you that are following my blog.  It's really great to have this blogger connection,  I enjoy the interaction with you and your taking time to read my blog.  I appreciate your encouragement, comments, suggestions and help on many occasions.  The winner will receive these two books:
The Tailoring book is full of really great "how to" color photos.  It so happens that this book is a recent re-publish of the "Singer Reference" collection that came out many years ago and the only update that I can see is a few up-to-date garment pictures.  It's a great book to have in your sewing reference collection.  The Nancy Zieman book "Pattern Fitting with Confidence" is also a great book to have for the pivot & slide method of pattern fitting.  I'm not sure why, but I ended up with two copies of this book and I'm sure it would be a welcomed addition for someones reference library.  Both books are just like new and no point in having them just setting around in my sewing library if someone else can get good use from them.
So this give away is open to all official followers (those on the blog "FOLLOWER" list).  Just leave a comment to participate in the giveaway by Mid-night Sunday Aug. 14th and the winner will be announced on Monday Aug. 15th by 8 p.m.

Happy Sewing & Thanks for following my blog.

Monday, August 1, 2011

More Sewing...

I was glad to get a couple hrs of sewing in this weekend.  I made this top to have something new to go with the white skirt from a couple posts back.  Ya!  This is just a jersey knit and the black binding around the neck & sleeves is bias strips I cut from some light weight poly knit (not sure what to call it) it's not a tricot but reminds me of tricot but it's more stable, has a little stretch and a nice sheen.  I plan to make a couple tank/camisole tops just to wear under low cut things.  I know, I'm going on about the black trim but it's so nice I wish I could get another 10/yds of it.  It's kinda nice to have around.   OK, back to the top, I made this top from "Pamela's Patterns" T-shirt pattern.  I've been meaning to use this pattern for a while but just now getting around to it.  It's a very simple pattern but one of the nicest fitting T-shirt patterns I've tried.  I haven't really made a t-shirt in a while and I guess that is the reason. Any I've tried in the past just didn't fit nicely.  This one is great without much adjusting.

OK, another thing I'm going to get back to doing is full reviews on the items I make.  I haven't posted a review on PatternReview in quite some time.  So, I'm going to copy the template and use it on my blog here and on PR as I've seen many of you do, that's such a time saver.  I've gotten lazy about some things in an effort to reserve all my free time for sewing.  I've got to do better...I know I didn't do it this time but going forward...OK...promise.

More later....


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hi, my name is Omega and I'm a fabricaholic

Yes, it's true.  I've been trying to get my stash whittled down a bit but I just can't seem too.  So, the other evening on my way home from work, I just made a casual visit to a local fabric store "G-Street Fabrics".  It's pretty convenient to stop on my way home so I just wanted to stop in to see what new stuff was in.  I love to visit the $2.97/yd table at the back of the store.  So, I strolled into the store Oooing & Awwwing all the way back to my favorite spot...the $2.97 table.  There were mounds & mounds of fabric on the table and I often find some real treasures there.  So, here's what I got...

I actually did pretty good and didn't go overboard.  But, I'll go back again & again.  I just can't help myself.  I guess I could have much worse addictions but I love this one and I don't want treatment.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Finishing UFO's from my sewcation...

Tonight & tomorrow will be another sewing day..Yeah!!  I finished two of the skirt from the pile I made toward the end of my sewcation a couple weeks ago..(see last post at the bottom).  I hope to get a couple things knocked out this weekend,  hopefully two pair of the cropped pants.  So stay tuned  I hope to make some progress before the weekend is over.  Stay safe & stay cool....

Happy Sewing!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where did the time go!!

Long post ahead....
I was off work this past week for a well deserved and longed for sewcation.  It was so nice to have untethered time all to myself.  As Carolyn said when commenting on my last post, it really "calmed and centered" me, it's amazing how you feel when you are doing something you enjoy and not being under stressed or pressured for lack of time.  I was able to read, relax and sew to my hearts content.   So as promised here are a few pictures, the result of my week...  
Vogue 1224
I finished this dress from my last post. I wore this one to church today and got several nice complements.  The fabric is a knit jersey, I lengthened it quite a bit about 5", the pattern was way to short for me.  That short stuff is for the little hot young thangs, LOL.  I really like this dress and have cut it out again in all black knit.  After making this one I wanted to find more knit fabric in more of a summery print.  I did go to JoAnn's but really didn't find anything & I didn't  feel like running all over town so maybe I shop for something online.  My time was to precious and really wanted to spend my time in my sewing room, I can shop anytime. 

This next one is from a couple posts back shown on my dress form, as promised these pics are just to show it on me.  I mentioned adding a little triangle piece as a modesty panel because I failed to make the neckline high enough.  With my full boobies...I really don't need to flaunt my cleavage.  I really feel more comfortable with this little piece added.  Also on this version vs. the first one I used gathers instead of pleats at the waist, I also like that much better.
Simplicity 2703

This one is the Simplicity 2703
I like the dress except for the fact that it's sleeveless but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.  I like the dress overall and might even make it again. I will definitely won't wear it without a jacket but I don't like the jacket in the pattern.  So, I'll still have to make a jacket for this before it's wearable for my personal comfort level.  I also didn't put the ribbon bands around the waist, that just didn't work for me, but that way it could be belted so I might try that.
Also for better fit in the bust area I added to the width in the neckline but added a couple extra tucks and that worked out really well.

This skirt was super quick & easy...
This fabric panel and I wanted to make it into a dress but that small design at top was off center and I couldn't get it centered on my body and still have enough fabric to go around...(the boobs) so I cut it and made a skirt.  I plan to applique the design onto a black top such as the one I'm wearing above.  I do want a special top for this skirt so I'll be thinking about what will really look good with it.  I forgot to take a picture of the back but the back is exactly the same.  I really like this as a skirt.  I rarely wear a long skirt like this but it will be ready for whenever I need it.  I've been pretty lazy about doing the "PatternReview" posts so maybe I'll get around to getting these reviews on PR soon.
So after all the sewing I cut out several other things so they'll be standing by ready to sew.
This what my cutting table looks like right now...

These are the items cued up for sewing next...
I'm trying out this Bruda pattern for a pair of cropped pants. The fabric is an army green stretch cotton.
Also these Butterick cropped pants... one pair light olive green and tan stretch cotton sateen.  The blouse is a semi-sheer poly, not sure if it's considered chiffon.  I think it will look nice with the tan cropped pants.  A couple  skirts, I've been needing a white skirt, I'm making this one out of the white pique from my stash and this print that I've had for a really long time.  I originally made a jacket from this print.  I wear it now and then but I'll never wear these together...just too much of a good thing for me.  Finally the famous Tracy Reese dress again in black knit.  If I had another week off I could knock these (or most of it) out but I hope to have this all done by the end of the month.

Well back to the weekday grind, guess I should be grateful for a job to go to.  That's what makes having this fun possible. That's it for now stay tuned...
Happy sewing!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I could get used to this...

This is what I worked on today...
                                                                   Vogue - 1224
I stayed home today to sew, no celebrating other than celebrating the fact that... I didn't want to do nuttin' but what I wanted to do today and that is just what I did.  I also wanted to do something quick and easy just to feel a sense of accomplishment. I've kept it a secret that I'm off work this week because I didn't want certain people to know, but I think I'm safe with letting it out now.  So, this week is mine all mine...ha, ha, ha  can you hear my laughter!!  It's a well deserved sewcation and I'm so excited.  I promise to have a review at the end of the week of all I get done including the dresses that I posted about in my last post.   I really like this dress and I think I want to make it a couple more times, one being all black.   I know this print isn't exactly summery so I want to get something really summery to make it again before this week is out, so I might have to go fabric shopping tomorrow just for something perfect.  So, I hope to get lots of sewing done this week and I'll report back later in the more later.

Happy Sewing!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making some progress...

I got a chance to sew for a couple hours today, Ya!  So I worked on the dress mention in my last post.

Simplicity 2177
All left to do is add the zipper & hem it and it's done.  I made a couple changes instead of pleating I gathered at the waist and I added a little modesty triangle since the neckline was too low and I didn't pay enough attention to that before cutting.  When I held the pattern pieces up to me it didn't seem as low but it ended up a bit low for my comfort.  I also ended up adding this little feature to the other dress I made like this one from the last post.  I actually I like this dress better.  The fabric is a little bit heavier but it still has the lycra stretch.  So, I'm going to finish this one up tomorrow and get started on Simplicity 2703 dress also shown in my last post.  More later...

Happy Sewing!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

YEAAH!! I got a chance to sew this weekend

Last Saturday was the first free Saturday I've had this month and even with that I didn't sew as much as I wanted to but at least I got to sew.   I'm working on this dress again out of the fabric on the left.

I've put the bodice together & should get it done this weekend, so more on this one later. 

I also cut out this dress, Simplicity 2703 from the fabric below.  Sheila @SheilaCrochetz sent me this pattern a while ago and I'm just getting to it.  Thanks Sheila!!  So more on these later.  

Have a great week & Happy Sewing!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Look

I thought I just try a new and brighter look for Summer.    More on the sewing front later.
Have a great sewing weekend everyone!

Happy Sewing!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Done...but not done!

 OK, so here are some pictures of my dress (sorry no make-up).  I was going to wear it yesterday but decided not to.  When I thought it was done I decided it needs a little more tweaking.  Here's what I mean...
I really need to take it in  a bit,  in the second photo I'm holding the back in about 3" in the waist area and I think it makes enough difference to rip the zipper out and take it up a bit in the back seam.  The fabric is a cotton with some lycra, so I think that will work out fine.  The jacket...I could really do without, I do like it better open than closed though.
Actually I could take it or leave it.  It really needs to be a couple inched longer (in the front).  I might make one in another style just because it's just a good summer staple.

So, there you have it.  I like the dress and with that one little alteration I think it will be good to go.  As for the jacket this one isn't working for me (my fault) being too short, but I make another one and see how that works.
More later...

Update... I made the alteration and it looks much better.  SO, now it's done!  Thanks for your suggestions and comments, you all are great!!

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