Thursday, February 20, 2020

It has been a Looooong Haul!!

I moved to South Carolina in September 2016, lived in an apartment for 2-1/2 years then moved into my own home (townhouse) in July 2019. One of the requirements while looking for my home was to have space for crafting and sewing. I thought about a combined room but as it turned out I have a craft room and sewing room like I did back in Maryland. So, I've finally gotten my sewing and craft rooms together and ready for creating.  It felt like forever pulling it all together, the movers had boxes stuffed all the way back to the door. The sewing room is smaller than I had in Maryland but it has turned out to be just right. I really like it, it's cozy but plenty of room to create to my hearts desire. Heres' a little tour of my craft and sewing spaces.
I hope to get back to posting here and will be posting on my YouTube Channel as well. So, I'll be back with more soon!

Happy Sewing & Crafting!!


  1. So I watched the video and I'm glad you're back! Hope to see some sewing and crafting soon and congratulations on the new home and sewing room!

    1. Hi Carolyn, Thank you and thanks for stopping by, so goood to hear from you my friend! Hoping to dive into a couple projects real soon. Thanks for all your inspiration!


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