Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Silver Spring Sewing Club

What a great meeting we had last Saturday. This was our second group meeting and there were 5 new members to join us. Everyone is excited about either learning to sew or learning new techniques and strengthening our skills. We have every level of sewer in our group and it's exciting just thinking about what is to come. Some of our member can't sew at all and some are at the intermediate level. Those that know how to sew share what they know to help the newer members learn. It's a warm, fun, friendly, happy atmosphere and I am thrilled to spread the GOSPEL OF SEWING! We're having so much fun that we've decided to expand our time together for an additional hour. The focus of this meeting was to get everyone familiar and comfortable with their sewing machines. Next meeting (in June) we'll be talking more about selecting patterns & fabric and planning projects.

Check out our meeting information & time in the right column of this blog. We hope to have some real projects underway very soon for our new sewers and post pictures of projects of our experienced sewers.

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


In an attempt to get that sewing "groove" back and stay motivated to sew I decided to start a sewing group. I didn't have any close friends who sewed. So I put an APB out to find some sewing friends through a website that I just happened upon one There were several folks out there who wanted the same thing or wanted to learn to sew. I felt this was a perfect opportunity to spread the "sewing bug" and help myself too. As a result we now have a monthly group meeting where we share, teach & learn about sewing. I'm a firm believer that you learn better as you share and teach what you know. SO, I look forward to many years of sharing, learning and having fun spreading the "Sewing Bug". This is one 'BUG' worth catching!



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I'm currently working on...Summer Vacation

Hawaii here I come! I'm going to Hawaii this summer, boy I can't wait. So, I'm working on summer clothes for my vacation in July. Of course my summer theme will be Hawaiian print fabric. I've had some in my stash for years not really knowing that I would one day actually wear it to Hawaii. I'll be going to the island of Oahu. You'll never believe this but I won the trip through a raffle at work! YOU TALK ABOUT SURPRISED, when my ticket number was called. I was one happy girl.

As a way to get my sewing groove back I thought I start with this summer wardrobe. For practice I started sewing a couple pieces for my son (Nate), (he's going on the trip with me) BTW my son is 28 yrs old...(my bodyguard). He lives in California and I rarely get to see him so he was my choice to take on my trip. You think he'd say NO! HA! I'm making him a Hawaiian shirt, and a couple pairs of cargo shorts. I'm using Simplicity #5581 here's the shirt,
the shorts are still under construction. OK so much for my him, that's all I'm making for him.

OK, as for myself, all I've chosen so far are the fabrics. I have lots of white Capri's & shorts so I'm only making one pair of Capri's, two Hawaiian print shirts & a few T-tops. Here's my fabric choices- stay tuned for pattern selections.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well here goes, my first post. This is a historic, monumental event for me (well almost).

When I was a very young child I used to watch my grandmother sew, she also crocheted but the sewing is what kept my attention. When I got older she taught me how to sew. She used to make so many of my clothes. I now have a quilt that she made that contains some of the very fabrics that she had used to make garments for me as a child (what a treasure)! So, when I reached Jr. high school I took sewing and kept taking it all through high school. I got pretty good at it and even made some extra money during my years in college sewing for friends. In my early adulthood I made most of my clothes, I enjoyed it so much. Then, somehow life happened and I fell off the sewing wagon and only sewed here and there and it became very far & few between when I had time to sew. Finally I just stopped....for a pretty long time. Though I'd stopped sewing I still loved going to the fabric store and I continued buying patterns & fabric to hopefully get back into it. Well that day has finally come!

I've been so inspired by some really admirable & stylish divas whom I've had the good fortune of viewing through This is an awesome website that has lead me to a sewing revival. I'm so grateful for the awakening! I'm so glad I discovered this website, I can't even remember how I discovered it, but I'm glad I did. I have to mention some very special women that I've had the pleasure of peeking in on and finally getting back into this wonderful world of sewing. There are far more than I could ever mention but the following ladies stand out as a few I've viewed on a regular basis, they have a wonderful sense of style and great tips & technique.
Thanks again for your inspiration as I join you in cyberspace through my adventures in sewing and other great events in life.



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