Saturday, January 31, 2009

Next Up, TNT's...

TNT's... in addition to working on my projects already selected from my post "Sewing Plans for the new year". I will work on selecting patterns from my stash that I can use as TNT's (Tried -n-True), this idea was from Carolyn over at Diary of a sewing fanatic. She is a master of creative use of TNT's. She challenged others to TNT with her. My selection of TNT's will consist of, pants, skirt, jacket, a knit & woven top/blouse and a basic dress. One of the first reasons for having a set of TNT's is once you've adjusted the fit of your patterns you can more quickly put together different components of your wardrobe. They can be used from one season to another and various fabric options, trims and treatments. Of course you don't have to be limited only to TNT's, however creativity can grow using TNT's. However by using a variety of patterns there are challenges to conquer and things to learn so no way will I be limited to my TNT selection. My main goal using TNT's is to build my wardrobe and learn fitting techniques and expand my imagination using creative applications. So, I'll post later on the patterns I've chosen for potential TNT's.

Moving Right Along...

Today I was able to finish a couple things from previous posts. First of all I finished my other hat;I lined the inside just like the last one;I also made the tunic from the red & black knit out of McCall's #6107(Out of Print), as shown in a previous post; This looks nice with straight legged pants or leggins. Though my body is not belt friendly it looks nice with a belt.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a little something quick & easy...

I'm not usually a hat wearer but since going to the short hair cut I decided I needed a hat for the cold weather we've been having. So, here what I came up with;The base the hat is a heavy double sided fleece, I covered it with a "poodle" type soft curly fabric and lined it with a heavy weight tricot. Here another view;
here's a couple views of the inside;This will be another one, this is a smooth nap leopard print faux fur;
I'll probably finish it by the weekend so I can get on to some other sewing. I think I'll finally get to make up my McCall's 6107 red & black turtle neck tunic (bottom of post). Then move on to bigger and better things.

Monday, January 26, 2009

You've Made My Day!

I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award, what a surprise and honor it is!THANKS SO MUCH to Aminat @ SewFit and Joan @ Wannasew and Christy @Designing Creations, I hardly feel deserving I have a ways to go to get back to speed with my sewing but it's awesome getting all the inspiration I need and I'm getting there slowly but surely. I love the sewing community that I've met over the past few months since I've been blogging and the ladies I've meet through the Meet-up sewing group. Not only have I met extremely talented and creative crafters but also gracious, generous and willing to share what they can to help others. It's so fun to read about and share in common with others something you love so much.

I would like to nominate the following who have been an inspiration and fun to check in on often and have great style & talent.

Jackie @ Jackie's Sewing,
Susan @ Knitters' Delight,
Elaray @ Another Creation,
Alethia @ Kassmin's Creations,
Allison @ AllisonC Sewing Gallery
Opal @ Opal's Passions
Shay @ Sewing Shay's Place
Keep up the great work!

1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.
4. Link to those on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.

Can't help but mention the following extremely talented ladies who were among the first blogs I found and they always brighten my day...

Adrienne @ Real Life: Live and Unscripted, it's always so much fun reading Adrienne's blog she has endless talent and creativity. Keep up the great work!

Carolyn @ Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, though Carolyn has been nominated I can't resist another nomination. Carolyn's blog inspires, is brilliantly thought provoking and you learn a lot. I can never get enough.

Erica @ Erica B's DIY Style, I love Erica's style, creativity, up to the minute style updates, exquisite workmanship. I know that Erica has already been nominated but I just couldn't resist. Always a bright spot in my day. Always willing to answer questions and help in any way. Thanks Erica!
Cennetta @ The Mahogany Stylist, though Cennetta has already been nominated I enjoy her blog, she uses awesome workmanship, beautiful style, helpful tutorials. Always much to learn and enjoy on Cennetta's blog. Thanks for all you share!

Sheila @ Sheilaz CTK, beautiful workmanship, wonderful style and a constant variety of fiber inspirations. I always look forward to checking out Sheila's knitting & crocheting as well as the sewing. Sooo inspiring!

Lisa @ Sew On and Sew On, what an inspiration Lisa has been and I love how she spreads the joy of sew by teaching it. I love the workmanship & detail and awesome style that Lisa shares.

Thank you all for what you share, the time and effort you put in to help all of us and just for being wonderful, beautiful women!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My plan for today was to sew as I watched the Inauguration...
But, what had happen was---
As soon as I got up this morning I was frozen to the TV screen. I started watching before the Obama's left the Blair House and I just couldn't take my eyes off the TV, I did n0t want to miss a single moment. The Obama's on their way to church.
What a proud day. I cried, grinned, reflected on the past and daydreamed about the future. This is truly a day of new beginning for us here in "AMERICA" and the world. They are the most positive image for our children, adults, families, young people with dreams to accomplish. Inspiration for every race and nationality, no matter the age, the strength of a nation starts from the top...

President Barack Obama - Inauguration Speech

Behind every great man is a strong, great woman. What a jewel we have in our new First Lady, Michelle Obama she's full of beauty, style, grace, strength, intelligence, femininity, a loving wife, a loving mother to Sasha and Malia, a daughter and a sister. What a woman!

And last but not least, every successful president needs a good team...The "A" Team
What a proud day to be an American! God Bless our new President, his family, his administration and God Bless America!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sewing Plans for the New Year

I didn't have a firm wardrobe plan last year and my sewing was sort of helter-skelter. So, rather than review & reflect on the projects from the past year, I want to make firm plans for my wardrobe for this year. There's also specific things I'd like to work on conquering this year or at least get a better grip on. I want to get better at making alterations and learn new techniques that I've never tried before but have been wanting to do. I also want to incorporate some knitted and crochet projects in my plans this year.

These are among the reference books I'll use to learn better fitting techniques...
Also for brushing up on my sewing and learning better construction techniques I'll use the following books,

One of the things I want to do more of is documenting as I sew. I'm not used to doing that in as much detail as I've seen others do, but it's really good to look back on. So I will attempt to document more of what I've learned and share with others to learn from. So, that will also be something I will try to do better.

Now, the following pattern & fabric selections are amoung some the items I'll start with. I'm going use one of these two patterns with the following knit fabric. The fabric is slightly nubby and medium/slightly heavy weight. I think I might give the (Simplicity 7799 OOP) pattern another try, (I really like this pattern) if you remember from an earlier post (below) I tried altering the pattern and sewed up a muslin and it ended up as a wadder. So, if I do the Simplicity I have to practice once again with fitting the pattern. Practice makes perfect right? If I go with the (Butterick 5247) it will be a breeze. I leaning more toward the Simplicity pattern though. You'll see what I decide soon.I've had this blouse pattern (Vogue 7838 OOP) in my stash for quite a while and I think I'll make one of each of these silky/poly fabric.

This pattern (McCall's 6107 OOP) has also been in my stash for a while. The medium weight knit fabrics below will be great as these tunics. The check fabric to the left and the hounds tooth on the right I'll make the turtle neck & cuffs black. I will also make a black tunic & skirt and these will interchange great together.

There are tons more things I want to get started on but this will keep me busy for now and I'd love to get these done while the weather it still cold. Of course any of this is subject to change without notice...Ha! Thought I'd add a little disclaimer just in case I get the urge to flow a different way.

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