Sunday, February 22, 2009

Faye made my day!

I was feeling kinda blue yesterday. I really wanted to work on some of my pattern alterations but I'd been having problems with my back lately and it felt pretty bad yesterday. So, standing at my cutting table was not an option for a few days in the past couple weeks. Since I couldn't really sew since I didn't have anything cut out & ready to work on I decided to browsed my favorite blogs to see what was happening with my online sewing friends. When I came to Faye's blog it caught my eye. She made some very pretty pattern weights out of large washers and pretty color ribbons. I thought what a great cheery idea and I instantly wanted a set for myself. Later in the day my back felt a little better and since I live pretty close to a hardware store & craft store I decided to go out. I was able to quickly find the washers and then went to the craft store and found some pretty ribbon on clearance. I almost began to have a little bounce in my step (almost). I got back home and in no time I had my very own set of pattern weights. Here's a pictorial of how they were made. I used fabric glue instead of hot glue, I think they both work fine, also I used two washers wrapped together on a few just for a little extra weight. You'll need ribbon about 28-30" inches long -by- 5/8 to 1" inch wide & just wrap to cover.Fold over and glue end to the back,
So easy and what a way to add some cheer to your sewing space. THANKS FAYE! I had to email Faye and thank her for brightening my day and it kept my day from being a total loss craft wise.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Potential TNT's

These are the patterns from my stash I've chosen that I think have potential for good wardrobe basics. Some but not all are OOP (Out of Print). I've chosen a mix of jackets, skirts, pants, tops and dresses to be used in both woven and knit fabrics and will work for all seasons. Some will be keepers and some won't make it. So, my next steps are to get these patterns altered & fitted, make up some muslins and sew, sew, sew. This weekend will be a great time to get started, hopefully I can at least knock out two-three of them for starters.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A little knitting

I almost forgot to post about the "scarf" I knitted. It's just a practice piece and I'm not sure it actually classifies as a scarf , I really didn't want it very long since I only wanted it to go around my neck and tuck into the top of my coat. I didn't want it flying in the wind and I don't need any extra padding anywhere on this body, especially in front, LOL! Here's a picture;
For some reason it didn't photograph well. I decided to join a knitting "Meet-up" to get some tips, pointers and inspiration from other knitters in my area. They meet every Monday night at a Starbucks, I won't make every meeting but will go when I can. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. It's a low key group, I look forward to learning more about knitting. Next, I'm going to knit a couple dish clothes just to get a feel for some different stitches and I've got to work on getting a good even tension in my stitches. So, I'll post those whenever I get them done, so more to come.
UPDATE: I was able to take a picture that shows a little better detail.
(All in learning how to use the setting on a camera, LOL!)
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