Thursday, February 20, 2020

It has been a Looooong Haul!!

I moved to South Carolina in September 2016, lived in an apartment for 2-1/2 years then moved into my own home (townhouse) in July 2019. One of the requirements while looking for my home was to have space for crafting and sewing. I thought about a combined room but as it turned out I have a craft room and sewing room like I did back in Maryland. So, I've finally gotten my sewing and craft rooms together and ready for creating.  It felt like forever pulling it all together, the movers had boxes stuffed all the way back to the door. The sewing room is smaller than I had in Maryland but it has turned out to be just right. I really like it, it's cozy but plenty of room to create to my hearts desire. Heres' a little tour of my craft and sewing spaces.
I hope to get back to posting here and will be posting on my YouTube Channel as well. So, I'll be back with more soon!

Happy Sewing & Crafting!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Fabric Haul & New YouTube Sewing Channel

I'm so excited to be getting back to my sewing adventures. I'm kicking my comeback off with a little fabric haul.  Here are some pictures and fabric descriptions and you can watch the video I uploaded to YouTube for a more detailed look at my first fabric haul since getting back on the sewing wagon.

Here's the video where I shared my fabric haul on YouTube...Enjoy!  

Happy Sewing!!

DIY Thimble Shadow Box

This little project is not actually a sewing but sewing related.  A few years back I started a sewing thimble collection.  It all started when my dear youngest brother who is now deceased bought me two thimbles back from a trip he and his wife took to Israel.  The two thimbles (circled below) started my collection and they mean more to me now than ever.  Just knowing that my brother was thinking of me and my love of sewing when he saw them, makes them so precious to me. 
DIY - Thimble Shadow Box
                     I did a YouTube video below sharing this DIY shadow box....Enjoy!

Happy Sewing!!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Sewing Room Tour...

I did a quick video tour of my current sewing room a few months ago, so I decided to share it here.  You all probably didn't know that I moved from Maryland to South Carolina back in September 2016. I shared that adventure on my YouTube channel but since I wasn't sewing at the time I didn't share that adventure here. Since moving here I've been in an apartment and my sewing room set-up is a little bit cramped....but better than nothing.  So, here's the video....Enjoy!

Happy Sewing!!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Getting my Sewing Groove Back...

It's been over four years since my last post here and I've been longing to get back on my sewing wagon.  Instead I've been dragging my little wagon behind me.....BUT! I'M BACK! Please leave a comment below if you're there, I would love to reconnect. A lot has happened in this span of time, I moved from one state to another, life's ups and downs,.  I don't even know if there anyone out there still checking in but I hope so.  My sewing mojo is working so I'm working on a plan and hope to get my groove back.

I did do a little sewing this summer, here's one top I made...

Simplicity 1064
Pattern Back - Line Drawings

So, here's my version..... View B, only slightly shorter.  I was going for a tunic type top.
I also made a YouTube video if you'd like to check it out

I'll be back with more soon.  

Happy Sewing!!
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