Friday, July 22, 2011

Finishing UFO's from my sewcation...

Tonight & tomorrow will be another sewing day..Yeah!!  I finished two of the skirt from the pile I made toward the end of my sewcation a couple weeks ago..(see last post at the bottom).  I hope to get a couple things knocked out this weekend,  hopefully two pair of the cropped pants.  So stay tuned  I hope to make some progress before the weekend is over.  Stay safe & stay cool....

Happy Sewing!!


  1. That is a lovely skirt. Sewcations are wonderful--I just hate when they end.

  2. That floral print is gorgeous!!

  3. Loving the floral print, I like cream too, but always feel like a dirt magnetic when I wear it.

  4. Love both skirt, especially the floral summery..


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