Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where did the time go!!

Long post ahead....
I was off work this past week for a well deserved and longed for sewcation.  It was so nice to have untethered time all to myself.  As Carolyn said when commenting on my last post, it really "calmed and centered" me, it's amazing how you feel when you are doing something you enjoy and not being under stressed or pressured for lack of time.  I was able to read, relax and sew to my hearts content.   So as promised here are a few pictures, the result of my week...  
Vogue 1224
I finished this dress from my last post. I wore this one to church today and got several nice complements.  The fabric is a knit jersey, I lengthened it quite a bit about 5", the pattern was way to short for me.  That short stuff is for the little hot young thangs, LOL.  I really like this dress and have cut it out again in all black knit.  After making this one I wanted to find more knit fabric in more of a summery print.  I did go to JoAnn's but really didn't find anything & I didn't  feel like running all over town so maybe I shop for something online.  My time was to precious and really wanted to spend my time in my sewing room, I can shop anytime. 

This next one is from a couple posts back shown on my dress form, as promised these pics are just to show it on me.  I mentioned adding a little triangle piece as a modesty panel because I failed to make the neckline high enough.  With my full boobies...I really don't need to flaunt my cleavage.  I really feel more comfortable with this little piece added.  Also on this version vs. the first one I used gathers instead of pleats at the waist, I also like that much better.
Simplicity 2703

This one is the Simplicity 2703
I like the dress except for the fact that it's sleeveless but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.  I like the dress overall and might even make it again. I will definitely won't wear it without a jacket but I don't like the jacket in the pattern.  So, I'll still have to make a jacket for this before it's wearable for my personal comfort level.  I also didn't put the ribbon bands around the waist, that just didn't work for me, but that way it could be belted so I might try that.
Also for better fit in the bust area I added to the width in the neckline but added a couple extra tucks and that worked out really well.

This skirt was super quick & easy...
This fabric panel and I wanted to make it into a dress but that small design at top was off center and I couldn't get it centered on my body and still have enough fabric to go around...(the boobs) so I cut it and made a skirt.  I plan to applique the design onto a black top such as the one I'm wearing above.  I do want a special top for this skirt so I'll be thinking about what will really look good with it.  I forgot to take a picture of the back but the back is exactly the same.  I really like this as a skirt.  I rarely wear a long skirt like this but it will be ready for whenever I need it.  I've been pretty lazy about doing the "PatternReview" posts so maybe I'll get around to getting these reviews on PR soon.
So after all the sewing I cut out several other things so they'll be standing by ready to sew.
This what my cutting table looks like right now...

These are the items cued up for sewing next...
I'm trying out this Bruda pattern for a pair of cropped pants. The fabric is an army green stretch cotton.
Also these Butterick cropped pants... one pair light olive green and tan stretch cotton sateen.  The blouse is a semi-sheer poly, not sure if it's considered chiffon.  I think it will look nice with the tan cropped pants.  A couple  skirts, I've been needing a white skirt, I'm making this one out of the white pique from my stash and this print that I've had for a really long time.  I originally made a jacket from this print.  I wear it now and then but I'll never wear these together...just too much of a good thing for me.  Finally the famous Tracy Reese dress again in black knit.  If I had another week off I could knock these (or most of it) out but I hope to have this all done by the end of the month.

Well back to the weekday grind, guess I should be grateful for a job to go to.  That's what makes having this fun possible. That's it for now stay tuned...
Happy sewing!!


  1. Congratulations, you got a lot accomplished and you look well rested, too. It's amazing what a restful vacation can do for your peace of mind.

  2. You got alot accomplished and queued up more to be done! That's fantastic. Now I'm sure you understand why I have one real vacation and one sewcation every year. You just need something that is carefree yet fulfilling. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your very productive time off!

  3. Oh and I forgot to say how wonderful everything looks on you! I've been going back and forth on the Tracy Reese dress but your's is amazing!

  4. Like Carolyn, I've been going back and forth on that Tracy Reese dress too, but yours has sold me on it. You look fantastic!! I like everything you've made, and I have the feeling I'll be adding to my pattern stash yet again after I go look up all your patterns.

  5. What a productive week. I love everything, it looks great on you. I love the skirt, "it is off the chain". Glad you had a week to rest, relax and sew.

  6. You've had quite a productive week and you've made great additions to your wardrobe. Great minds think alike - I have that black and green knit, too! I'm sure you feel good about all you accomplished during your week off.

  7. All of your dresses are gorgeous. I am loving that paneled skirt!

  8. Wow! Talk about production! I love your dresses....ALL of them and love, love the skirt! Looks like you've got some great things planned for the future too. Love the Vogue tunic pattern. Have fun!

  9. Busy Bee!! I'm giddy just reading your post. All your creations are lovely; my favorite is the panel skirt. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, it certainly looks like you made the most of your time, great summer pieces.

  11. Thanks ladies, your comments and compliments are so encouraging! I had the greatest time, this stay and home sewcation was the most satifying vacation I've had in quite some time. I told my boss today to expect me to request more week-long stay at home vacations.

    Carolyn & Debbie - go for it, the Tracy Reese dress is great. If it looks good on me it will be a knock out on you ladies :-). I think it looks good on any body type with minor modifications (mainly lengthening).

  12. Where did the time go? I can see where your time went! Great projects...loving the dresses. They are very flattering on you.

  13. Everything looks fantastic! You really accomplished a lot.

  14. My goodness you got alot accomplished. Fantastic!!! The dresses are fabulous!

  15. How did I miss this post... love the garments and you look great. Also agree you accomplished a lot.... Yes Mam... love it.

  16. First I must say, your smile is beautiful and very contagious. I love all of your dresses, you really did get a lot done. I'm still praying for the day I will be able to complete items like you have. You have encouraged me to keep reading and practicing the art of sewing.


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