Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dreams and Plans for Fall sewing...

I was hoping to sew this weekend but came down with a cold this week and just didn't feel up to it.  I did however get several pieces of fabric ready to sew.  I pre-washed fabric this weekend out the ying/yang...LOL 
Tote of knit fabric to be pre-washed
and still have a little more to do.  It's a job that sometimes I'm tempted to bypass but have learned better down through the years. BUT, to top it off I just found out my dryer just gave up the ghost, I think the heating element just went out.  I'm so glad I did my regular laundry first.
So, here what I'm planning for fall so far...

I plan on making the 3/4 length top out of these three knit pieces below, unfortunately the colors aren't coming across very well, these are a lot more vibrant in person...

This is another stack that I pre-washed this weekend.  The grey and black on the bottom will be a cardigan and I think I can get a skirt out of it too. The red & black are the same weave design just one is really small and the other a bit larger.  So the larger design red & black pieces will be a cardigan and the piece with the smaller design a skirt and cardigan. The green & black is a light weight knit and will be perfect for a wrap dress.

So to mix and match with these I'll make skirts and tops and probably one cardigan out of this black knit stack below...
 Here are a couple more patterns I plan to use, just have to decide which fabric for which pattern.

Well let's see if I can make some of my dreams come true.  I hope to get back in my sewing room at least by next weekend and make it lease some of IT.

More later,


  1. Lots of yummy fabric in your stash ~ hopefully you can shake that cold off quickly and start sewing ... J

  2. Hi Judith,
    Still trying to shake it but getting better. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great fabrics and cool selection of patterns. I have those patterns and they are perfect for making a mix and match collection. Feel better.

  4. Thanks Sheila,
    I'm starting to feel better, hope to attack those plans this weekend...yea!


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