Monday, July 26, 2010

Making Slopers...

I spent some time Saturday making a skirt muslin. Thanks to Alethia taking a full set of measurements for me before I left from my visit with her last week, I finally have accurate measurements some of which are difficult to get on my own. So, I'll be working on a set of slopers. I ordered a fitting pattern, Butterick-B6092While I'm waiting I used a skirt pattern, Butterick-B5466 for the skirt sloper.

I prefer skirts and pants with either facing or a very narrow waist band, so here's my skirt sloper. I'm still deciding which pant pattern I want to use. I've had a real ordeal with pants if you remember from a few posts I'm saving them for last so I don't use up my mojo on pants. I don't want pants with front pleats of side pockets but I want it so the zipper can be back, side or front fly. Fortunately Alethia gave me a few great tips for my pants fitting so maybe this time it will be a better experience. More later...

Happy Sewing!!


  1. I will be following your progress. Once you have a sloper, it will be easier to fit your patterns! Gee your fabrics looks great. I haven't open my box yet.

  2. look forward what u will be making soon. good luck! :)

  3. I should do that, too. What a great idea. Good luck.

    Thanks so much for stopping and for your nice comment.


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