Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not much on the sewing front...

I'm still dealing with repairs around my house.  The access to my attic is through my sewing room closet so everything in my sewing room is covered up and pushed to the side until everything is done.What a drag, I thought about pulling my sewing machine out and using it on the dining room table but naah...that  won't work for me.   This top is what I'm working on from the stuff I cut out back in July.  I'd love to get this finished to wear before it turns cold.

So, in the mean time I made a couple more cards for friends that live in other states.  This is almost as much fun as sewing, I have a lot to learn  but I'm enjoying it and hope to improve with each card.

BTW - my son loved the card I sent him for his birthday.   He was so excited that I made it.  It's nice to have someone understand and appreciate when you put your time & care into making something for them.  Since he is an artist he loves it that I'm into crafts.

 So, until I'm back in the sewing room that all for now.



Lisa H. said...

Where did you find that beautiful leopard print. Hope you can get into your sewing room soon. It looks so organized. Beautiful card !

Ki said...

Aww I'm sorry you sustained damage from the storm. I hope all the repairs will be completed soon so you can get back to your crafting. You are on a beautiful roll with your card making. I'm so happy your son loved his card. Keep up the great work!

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