Monday, June 21, 2010

Once again I have sad news...

There's been another death in the family. Actually my sister-in-law's family. If you remember last year I lost my brother and that has made this past year very difficult. My sister-in-law, the widow of my brother has lost her sister. In my family I didn't have any sisters, only brothers...5 of them. So it has been very special to me that I have been very close to her family and they treat me just like a sister and this makes my heart very heavy. Her dear sister Nanci has had a very long 23 year battle with cancer, she fought long and hard. She passed on her birthday last Thursday, so now she is at peace and no more pain. So, I'm preparing to go to Fla. for her service, please keep the family in your prayers.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maybe not an OOPS after all....

Well I decided to work on my top some more to try and save it from the wadder pile. I think maybe I can make it look even better than the original. Here's a couple pics of the fix I had in mind.I plan to also put a black band around the bottom of the sleeves and the hem. I just have it pinned on for now...SO, now lets see if I can put this off for real.
More later!

Happy Sewing!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

OOOPS!! Should have made muslin....

To do a make a muslin or not to make a muslin...that is the question!?! Well I just want to scream right now for not making a muslin! Since I have multiple fitting issues I should have known better, but nooooo, so now I have a wadder. "Just do it" will be my motto now as far as muslins go if I have any doubt about the outcome. I hate wasting good fabric. Well, this is the project, from my last post.The FBA turned out fine, but it is about 2" shorter then I'd like and it feels like it's going to fall off my shoulders, that just won't work for me. So I need to make the shoulder area wider and taper it down to the regular "V" neckline. I really like this top so I think I will try it again and this time test, test, test. One problem...I need some more pink fabric (I can't remember where I got this fabric) now since I'm making the pink skirt....not that I need an excuse to buy some fabric. So, I'll see what I can find and try again hopefully before summer's over. Well I guess I'd better get working on the skirt.

Happy Sewing!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ya, I'm Sewing!!

I'm finally sewing...I cut out a few things this weekend before running out to a family gathering. This quick & easy top was fun to put together , it's a silkie from JoAnn Fabrics that I bought last year, using Simplicity #2594. I hope to make a couple more of these this Summer. Actually in this picture it's not hemmed yet but that's all I need to do to finish it. Ya!!
Also on my cutting table ready to be sewn are this top Butterick 5138 using this material (chiffon to be lined in a solid pink poly)and the skirt from this New Look pattern#6609 (view C also lined). using this fabric which I think is a micro fiber,
So, we'll see how far I can get on these this weekend. I think it's time to take a few days off for some me time so I can sew. The weekends are so busy and the time goes so fast. So I feel a much needed sewing vacation coming very soon.

Happy Sewing!!

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