Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back on the wagon..

Ya!  Today I spent some time in my sewing room.  There has been so much going on work wise and other wise...mostly good but just busy. It's truly been far too long and I've been missing it, but just didn't have the MOJO.  I hope I still have readers out there, I've been so neglectful but will be sewing more regular now. Well, it took a little de-cluttering, reorganizing and straightening. I had a few things left cut and ready to sew, only thing is I had to make a decision if I wanted to sew them all.  A couple of the items went in the trash, believe me it's worth it to start over sometime especially on these items. However, back to what I did finish.  So, I had a pair of pants that I drafted using "Sure-fit Designs" kit by Glenda Sparling  Here's a picture of the pants I finished today. I got her kit a long time ago and made a pair of pants quite a while ago so I knew it would be worth it to finish these.
I'll show a picture of me with them on when I make a top to go with them. I used the rest of the day to do some testing doing a video while I sew, hopefully I'll have some videos coming up soon, I've still got to get that down at least so you can tell what I'm doing on the video.  I also took some time to plan what I wanted to spend time working on for the rest of this long weekend.  So, I hope to be back with more soon and see if I can stay on the wagon this time.

Hope you all have a great remainder of the weekend doing what ever you love.

Happy sewing!!


  1. Glad your mojo is back and look forward to your ensemble.

  2. Thanks Sheila, I did. It's greet to be back at it.


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