Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back on the wagon...

(Vogue - 8668)  Front
I got a chance to sew a while today...Ya!  I'm almost done with the top I've been working on.  I just made a couple adjustments.  The sleeves are a little shorter than planned but it still looks good.  I don't know what happen but they came out really uneven (front piece to back piece).  So, I just evened them up making them shorter.   Since the fabric is chiffon I wanted to line it without changing the nice drape the fabric has so I lined it with black chiffon which worked out really great.
Inside, lined with enclosed seams


Chiffon isn't the easiest fabric to work with but I think it all worked out.  All I have left to do is hem the bottom and the sleeves and add the buttons.

Next I need to get back to getting some pants done amongst other things.  I have a jean style jacket already cut out in a stretch cotton zebra print.   Do you see a theme here, LOL!  Yes, I like animal print and haven't used any in awhile but have come across these that I really like so I'm going for it.   More later...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keeping my fingers crossed....

OK, as you know from the last post I've been unable to sew because of a roof repair issue going on at my house. It's a long story spanning almost the whole month of Sept. and a few days of Oct. firing one handy man and hiring another....see long story just read between the lines.  At last I think it's done, however I won't know for sure until it rains again, but I feel better about the second set of repairmen.  We'll see, in fact it's due to rain this week and I truly hope it is in fact DONE.  

In the mean time I'm getting into my sewing room this week and hopefully next weekend and get some stuff done.  Here is what I was working on before the roof repair fiasco. I'm making View-A which is the yellow version.  I really love this animal print I've had in my stash.  It's a chiffon so I'm going to line it with a black chiffon just to add a little weight and strength.  So I hope to get it done by this weekend.
Vogue 8668
More to come...

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