Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In The Mean Time...

I have been so busy with family & church engagements lately that I haven't had much time to sew. So, in the mean time I decided to do something for my office at work. I was given the chance to move into a larger office with larger windows. I love the extra space and light.
I've always had this low metal cabinet but with the move I also acquired a large metal file cabinet that I would be facing while at my deskI thought...I've got to do something about this cabinet, it was not a pleasing sight. So, I decided to cover the drawer fronts with upholstery fabric. Mind you I couldn't do anything permanent because they belong to my company. So this is what I did...made a paper template to cut my fabric, turned up 1/2" hem and used "Tacky" glue on magnetic strips to the back and...here's the after
The low cabinet is actually behind me while I'm seated at my desk and with the fabric covered fronts they are much more tolerable.

Hopefully I can get to some sewing this weekend.
More later....


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back Online Again,

I'd been without internet and home phone service for the past three weeks. The last post I did was from work. I was in the process of waiting to switch over to Fios so, I finally got connected today with Verizon FIOS. I really don't know what's been going on but it was driving me nuts ...however I had to wait it out. It's kinda funny I can do without phone service cause of my cell phone but going without internet service drives me crazy...LOL.

I've done a little sewing, to get my sewing fix, I made up this little top, I bought the fabric from Adrienne @ Real Life; Live & Unscripted a few weeks ago, but of course couldn't post about it. I've also been working on my fitting muslin and almost have a bodice sloper just about right so next is to get a pant fitting done again so I can have a pant sloper. Pants have been the hardest for me but I'll be trying again I need them so badly, I need a little of everything so I'd better get busy. It's a bit last to do Summer sewing now, I've had so much distraction lately I just start my Fall planning and sewing and get an earlier start on my Summer sewing next year. More later...

Happy Sewing!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Been One Year...

My brother passed away one year ago yesterday. This has been one of the hardest years of my life but by God's wonderful Grace we have been able to move forward. We have awesome memories to cherish but still I miss him so much. My brother John left such a large print on our hearts, everyone who knew him still celebrates the fact that he touched their life. I spent the day yesterday with my sister-in-law and thankfully it was a wonderful day of reflection, joy, laughs, and tears but most of all peace in our hearts. The family has grown closer, our circle of influence had grown wider and our faith has been strengthened. GOD IS GRACIOUS and John will always be remembered. I also thank each of you who has kept my family and me in your prayers throughout this year.
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