Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting Organized for the New Year

Fabric Organizing: I love "Threads" magazine, I just received the Feb/March 2009 issue today.It's always full of great techniques, tip and inspiration. This month it has a great organizing tip for your fabric stash. The tip was submitted by a Threads reader...J. Watson, from Indiana, pg 18. You would use a three-ring binder... and clear sheet protectors from an office supply store. The web site has the free downloadable title sheet for the binder and the insert for the binder spine as well as the 8 1/2" x 11" inventory pages that contain enough space to record three fabrics, including source, yardage, width, fabric content & additional notes. I've been looking for a way to keep track of my fabric stash, so I'm trying to decide if this will be the one I use. It will probably take me at least a year to get this stash inventoried...

This represents only a portion of my stash and I'd love to get a handle on it. While going through the fabric it will be a good time to clean out and maybe give away whatever I know I won't use.

Pattern Organizing: I actually organize my patterns in a similar way now. When I purchase a new pattern I separate the pattern envelope, pattern tissue and the instructions. The pattern tissue and instructions go in a poly bag from Nancy's Notions (I only buy these on sale), then you store your patterns in a clear plastic tote buy number order (regardless of brand). The pattern envelope goes in a sheet protector then store in a three ring binder by pattern category. So, when you are ready to select a pattern to sew or you just want to browse your pattern inventory for inspiration you just look through your binderI got this tip from someone on a few years ago. It took a while to get my pattern stash in order(there's still a few I need to work on) but I try to keep it up by doing this now as I purchase patterns. I like that I don't have to dig through tons of patterns before finding what I want. It's just like looking through a pattern catalog in the store then going to the drawer to get it.

It would be interesting to hear how you organize your fabric, patterns, yarn etc. So, share your favorite way to stay organized. I'm always up for new tip, especially keeping things where I can find them easily.


Sheila said...

I haven't received my Thread issue yet, can't wait.

My craft room is reaching its max and currently store my patterns in small bins & a computer box that I have under my cutting desk.

As for my fabric & yarn I keep them stored in plastic comforter bags & large plastic storage containers, which are housed in a closet that is also reaching its max.

Since I print out a lot of knit & crochet patterns, I store them in separate binders.

My scrapbooking & jewelry items are stored in large gift boxes.

For the most part my organization is working, but if I keep adding to my craft list, I may have to take over another

Kristy said...

I'm electronic all the way because it means I can browse my pattern and fabric stash at work LOL! I have all my pattern envelopes scanned and then stored in a chest of drawers by brand and pattern number, and most of my fabric stash is photographed and listed in an excel spreadsheet by colour, fabric type, and yardage. I hear you on the stash though, mine too needs a clear out but I can't bear to give any away!!

Omega said...

Hmmm...I kinda like that idea of having your stash electronic. Either way I go, it's going to be a time consuming process. But, this gives me something to think about, thanks for the idea.

Cennetta said...

Omega, Please come help me! lol

Andrea said...

I briefly had a chance to flip through the new Threads at lunch yesterday at Borders and love it.

I keep my patterns and fabric in plastic containers. I've been thinking about going electronic like Kristy, but one of my tricks on how I keep track of my patterns is that I keep a notebook and in it I actually print out a picture of the pattern with the back panel information which you can print from the pattern websites. So, it's just like having the pattern envelope but without using the pattern envelope.

I'm also getting ready to start keeping a notebook with clips of my fabric stash and yardage information.

JC said...

Hi Omega. Happy New Year. We must be on the "same page" with Threads Magazine. In mid-December, I ordered two back copies (from earlier in 08) that have simple projects. I just posted one of the back issues on my blog earlier today--then came to yours.

As for the notebook, the instructor that teaches "Sewing Fundamentals" at G Street Fabrics provided participants with a notebook very similar to the one you've posted with loads of info.

Plus, plenty of space for us to add new topics, etc.

The notebook alone was worth the costs of the class.

Now I know after your posting and comments from other bloggers, I MUST subscribe to Threads. :-).


I just picked up a copy of the new Threads Magazine. I am glad to see that you downloaded the fabric organzier. I was planning to do the same.

Anonymous said...


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