Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Silver Spring Sewing Club

What a great meeting we had last Saturday. This was our second group meeting and there were 5 new members to join us. Everyone is excited about either learning to sew or learning new techniques and strengthening our skills. We have every level of sewer in our group and it's exciting just thinking about what is to come. Some of our member can't sew at all and some are at the intermediate level. Those that know how to sew share what they know to help the newer members learn. It's a warm, fun, friendly, happy atmosphere and I am thrilled to spread the GOSPEL OF SEWING! We're having so much fun that we've decided to expand our time together for an additional hour. The focus of this meeting was to get everyone familiar and comfortable with their sewing machines. Next meeting (in June) we'll be talking more about selecting patterns & fabric and planning projects.

Check out our meeting information & time in the right column of this blog. We hope to have some real projects underway very soon for our new sewers and post pictures of projects of our experienced sewers.

Happy Sewing!

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Cennetta said...

This is great. Glad you found a group of enthusiastic sewer. It should be big fun.

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