Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now maybe I can sew my dress!

Yet again I was side-tracked by doing some non-clothing sewing. I spent this past week making these cushion covers for a bench in the children's room at my church. I really didn't mind doing it, they were fun and much appreciated. So, now I can get back to my black & white dress from my previous post. I've got part of it together and will probably finish it this week.
More later...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guess What??

I finally finished a couple pairs of pants that I am pretty happy with. They are not perfect but better by far than previous attempts. As you all might remember I'd been trying to get a good fit on pants and let me tell you they gave me a workout. Here's what I came up with, (sorry not the best pictures)Here's a close-up of the fabric, it's a mid-weight polyester with a medium amount of stretch. The black pair is also a polyester suit weight, no stretch but has a really nice drape. for the life of me I couldn't get a picture of the back my camera just couldn't get a focus on these from the back,
I didn't use one of the big 4 to make these, I used a system called; "Fit Nice Sew Slim System" I've had this system for awhile and tried it once before without much success, but decided to give it another shot. I still had a lot of tweaking to do but I think I'll use this as my TNT for pants. I put a waistband on the front but used elastic across the back and that worked out well for me. I used an invisible zipper on the left side. Over all I'm pretty happy with them, I'll have to try them in a variety of fabrics to really say they deserve to be my pant TNT.

I also decided to work on this dress today, Butterick 5500 out of this fabric I bought during my trip to NY with Alethia back in July. Hopefully I'll get to finish this tomorrow or early next week. I also cut out a few knit tops that I'll post pics of and hope to get busy on them this week also.

More later...

Happy Sewing!!
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