Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Frustration Behind The Scenes

OK, I've been working on getting a good fitting pair of pants made. I have used so much fabric, I made at lease 6 or more muslins. What's a girl to do, I have an odd shape and it has made fitting quite a challenge for me lately especially where pants are concerned. At least I have lots of fabric to practice on so it's not a waste as long as I'm learning. I often buy fabric as practice fabric with no real intention of a wearable item in mind. I am determined that this year my sewing concentration is getting better fit, no matter the type of garment I'm making. If it doesn't fit well...what's the use in sewing in the first place right? OK, so I'm venting some frustration but I'm not giving up. When I get this fit thing down pat...or at least get relatively good at it I'll be able to turn out more garments with a feeling of real satisfaction. I hope to post a pictures later this week. So, send your good vibes and thoughts my way as I continue on this quest.

Happy Sewing, Omega
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