Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pictures as Promised

Well here's the pics as promised yesterday, I love the mix & match ability of these garments.

Stay warm everybody, have a great day...

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Projects Done!...

I'm finally done with my projects from the last post, the pictures are before finishing. I wanted to take pictures in the garments but I didn't finish everything I needed to get done today in time to set up the camera and have good lighting. I'll take pictures wearing them later and post them.
I defiantly had a change in plans as I began to work with the patterns and fabric. Here's what I ended up doing...I used this pattern, Burda 7580 for the cardigan and this pattern, Butterick 5247 for the top, and I winged it on the skirt to come up with this outfit (nothing hemmed yet in this pic) On the cowl neck to this top I cut it to fit around the neckline but I flared it out toward the outer edge and instead of doubling if over itself I left it single layer. I wanted the collar a little fuller and didn't want it doubled over, I really like how the collar turned out.Then I used this pattern, McCall's 5978
for these vests,As I worked on these I decided to eliminate the sleeves because the fit was better over the top with the dolman sleeves. Also they look really nice with a black turtle neck top and pants or skirt. In fact I wore the paisley vest to work Thurs. with black pants & top.
Last but not least I made this tunic,from this pattern, Butterick 5100
This looks great with black top and pants.

We had snow today, it was supposed to be 2-4" but I know I was shoveling more like 6-8"...I just want it to stop snowing!

Next I guess I need to do some planning for Spring sewing, I'm usually so behind that I barely get things done in time to where it for the season the garment is for. So maybe this will be a good time to get started. Oh, the other thing I'll be working on is getting a good fitting pair of pants. I need pants so bad and I really need to work on fit so that's what I'll get busy on next.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Upcoming Projects

Finally I hope to start on some sewing projects. It's been a while but this weekend will be a long one so I can do some sewing. There is so much I need wardrobe wise and this year I am determined to discover some TNT patterns as well as really nail a good fitting pair of pants.
Here are the items I want to start on first:
I like this gray double knit for this Burda pattern, I'm making both the dress & long cardigan.
These two are also knit fabrics: they will be one of the following cardigans

They will also go with the gray knit dress and I have enough of that gray to make a skirt. Oh, I also plan to make a black knit skirt & top to mix & match with the above cardigans. I also have some of this red & black knit left to make maybe a skirt from one and a vest from the other to add to the black mix & match. These will help my wardrobe a lot. I wear lots of black and I love red and the gray will give me some different options. So, l hope to check back soon with some progress. In the mean time I will also pick out a couple pant patterns to work on getting that perfect pair of pants to become my pant TNT. Until then...

Happy Sewing!
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