Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a weekend!

I didn't get a stitch of sewing done, but what a weekend I had. Considering just a little over a week ago my back was bothering me and I couldn't do much of anything. Well this weekend made up for my down time. A group of my family & friends decided to go "snow tubing" (I didn't get the greatest pictures, hope to to post some better ones when my brother sends me his.) It was about 13 of us including the children. We had such a good time, I think the grown-up had more fun than the children. We went up to "Round Top Mountain" ski lodge in Pennsylvania. The irony is that Monday of last week a snow storm hit the east coast/mid-Atlantic region and here in the DC area we had our fair share of the fluffy white stuff. However by Thursday of the week the snow was just about gone, by Friday it was warming up significantly and by Saturday it was 70 degrees. On the mountain it was only slightly cooler, so we had the best of both worlds...snow to play on without being overly burdened with too many clothes, I was almost sweating (it don't take much for me, I have a private Summer in the dead of Winter sometimes). People were skiing, snow boarding & snow tubing with just jeans & sweaters on We spent two hours sliding down the hill screaming and laughing all the way, the most fun is when we all linked together and went down together (13 us linked together) what a blast! It's funny how I can do some nutty things (at least for me) and not bother my back but other time do almost nothing and next thing I know my back it out. My back didn't hurt a bit from our adventure but my shoulders are a bit sore I guess from dragging that tube around, but I'll soon be over that and next weekend back to sewing. I hoping to start cutting out a couple of the patterns I've been working on altering. I will soon discover what my TNT picks will be. More on that soon.
Just a few more pictures of us playing on the mountain.
My sister-in law "the snow bunny"
My brother
We're going down with our tubs connected.
What a blast it was a fun day!

Happy Sewing!


Sheila said...

That was an adventurous weekend and glad you had fun.

Aminat said...

I can see you had lots of fun.... Fun is good for the soul. Take care

Omega said...

Yes, we had a great time. I felt like a kid again LOL!

Cennetta said...

That sounds like great fun. We've haven't been skiing in a while. And we (adults) have more fun than the kids.

Capital Sew and Sew said...

How fun is that!!! Love y our spirit!!

Hope to see you at the DC Threads Sewing lounge either tomorrow or in the near future!

Faye Lewis said...

I'm glad your back is feeling better. I LOVE YOUR BOOTS!

Omega said...

I'm doing much better Thanks. That's my sister-in-law with the cute boots. I chose not to post the couple picture of me that were clear, they were just not pretty!!! You know the kind I mean LOL!

Susan said...

What a great time! Sewing will be there tomorrow!

Omega said...

Yes, it was a great time. I need to buckle down and sew but life keeps offering other interesting & fun opportunities!

Lisa H. said...

I'm glad you had a good time and extra glad your back is better.

Julia said...

Wow that looks like fun!! I was up your way last week. We met my daughter so we could baby sit while she did some work.

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