Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally some free time for sewing!

Well I'm taking the next few days off work to actually get some sewing done for my vacation. It's funny how the weekends seem to pass by so fast, I've found it hard to get enough done. SO, I decided to take these days off, I really like the idea of a SEWING VACATION. I think I'll do this more often.

In the process of getting back to sewing after a few years away from it I've found that I need to learn more about fitting techniques, with time & age... the body kinda has had a mind of it's own and it's not the body I remember sewing for during those earlier years. So I hope practice perfecting my fitting techniques. So, I check back later with my thoughts of my experience, what I've learned, my frustrations and victories along the way.

Oh and don't worry I'll be posting photos of my projects too. See ya soon.

Happy Sewing!


Cennetta said...

I occasionally take "sewing vacation". It the only way I can get enough hours in on doing my hobby. lol. It's very rewarding especially when you have a project plan.

Happy Sewing!

CharityinAlaska said...

After reading your profile, we have quite a bit in common! A love of family, sewing, friends, adventure. I also sing and play piano (for our church's worship team). I take a sewing vacation (at home) every year when my DH and sons go off hunting for a week. I LOVE that time!

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