Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally Finished!

I took some time off to sew for my upcoming vacation as you can see in my last post. I finally got them done. I made two tops, same pattern & view but different fabrics, Such a simple project shouldn't have taken so long but life happens. So much to do and so little time. The pattern required some alteration in the bust area (see review)

The biggest inspiration that my return to sewing has been was to get myself back in the gym. It's funny how you don't really think as much about what you see in the mirror on a regular basis until you have to look in the mirror from a different perspective. My concentration now is on fit and learning how to do it well. I must say that I don't remember so much problem a few years ago...Oh what a difference a few years make. HA! HA!

My next biggest inspiration has been that as I'm reviving my skills I'm inspired by the many talented sewers I've run across online, I find more and more each day. HOW INSPIRING! As I've been getting back into sewing myself I've made it a point to also inspire others whether beginners of more intermediate sewers, what fun it's been to get others hooked on sewing.

As I'm sewing for Summer I'm constantly thinking about what I want to do for Fall & Winter. OH, I know it's barely Summer and already I'm thinking about Fall..well actually my favorite sewing is things worn during the chilly or cold seasons. I love jackets, suits, heavier stable fabrics. OK I know get back to Spring & Summer...don't rush it right! Ok, so this week I'm going to concentrate on what else I'll make for Summer I'll post a few choices I'm planning next time, got to keep my sewing machine humming.

Until later,



SuzieC said...

The pieces look great!

Cennetta said...

Cute tops! I share your enthusiam. The online blogs and site about sewing makes me wish for more time to sew. My creativity is energized by sewist across the globe.

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